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The new platform for your Irregular Operations

Airline Disruption Management

SaFLY creates value, being the first platform based on Airline Disruption Management. Capable of integrating in real time different verticals for the airline such as: Subcharter Finder, Bed Finder, Individual Flight Finder, Maintenance Logistic to send the mechanics to fix the aircraft and Bus Finder based on the hotels found.  Thanks to all the airlines…
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The Aviation Digital Transformation

Proud to be able to announce that SaFly will be part of the sponsorship at the Aviation Digital Transformation event in Barcelona organized by Flightglobal. This event focuses on Airlines and how they are entering a period of significant disruption as rising costs and competition force airlines to identify new revenue streams and change the way…
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Welcome to SaFLY!

In FlyNAYOX we know how important it is to quickly find a solution for ACMI needs. Our exclusive SaFLY platform employs new search and analysis methods, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to obtain availability in real time. SaFLY is a new tech Company developed by FlyNAYOX, Air Charter provider specialized in Charter and ACMI solutions.